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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

History of Previous Asia Cup Tournaments

By 8:39 AM
Asia Cup is a International ODI Cricket Tournament which takes place after every two years and Asian Cricket Playing nations participates In it. It is organized by the Asian Cricket Council ACC. the first tournament taken place in 1984 in Sharjah UAE. India was its winner while Sri Lanka was runner up team. so far eleven tournaments have taken place and India was winner 5 times.

the second tournament taken place in 1986 In Sri Lanka and this time Sri Lanka won the final against Pakistan. third cup taken place in Bangladesh in 1988 where India beaten Sri Lanka in final by 6 wickets.

In fourth and fifth Asia cup as well India was the winner and Sri Lanka was the runner up. in sixth Asia Cup in 1997 Sri Lanka finally managed to beat India in the final by 8 wickets.

Next cup was played In Bangladesh in 2000 where Pakistan won the title for the first time by beating Sri Lanka by 39 runs. Cups of 2004 and 2008 where won by Sri Lanka and India was runner up both times. In 2010 the tenth Asia Cup was played which India won by once again beating Sri Lanka in the finals by 81 runs.

In 2012 Asia Cup for the first time Bangladesh showed good performance to reach the finals by they were lost to Pakistan by just 2 runs. now we are very close to Tournament of 2014 which is once again going to be played in Bangladesh. Afghanistan is going to play it for the first time.