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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Virat Kohli As Captain Of India In Asia Cup Is a Positive Thing

By 9:57 AM
Indian Cricket Team Captain M.S Dhoni will miss out from Asia Cup 2014 this is a bad news for millions of Cricket team fans after recent defeats In South Africa and New Zealand. M.S Dhoni is not only a great captain for team India but also a very good batsmen which greatly strengthens the Indian team.

But now Indian team will have to go into Asia Cup without Dhoni. Young Virat Kohli who is a excellent batsman and many see him as future Captain of India will lead the Indian team In Asia Cup against Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

although no Dhoni In Asia cup is a bad news for India but there is also a positive aspect and that is Virat Kohli leading the Indian cricket team. It will greatly help Kohli to prepare for the future to be captain of India and give him experience. It will also make clear that how much he is capable of leading the Indian team.

Kohli will need to act with more maturity and calmness as Skipper of Indian team. India will play their opening match of the tournament against Bangladesh on 26th February. they will face Pakistan in the big crucial match on 2nd March.